Saturday, 29 December 2018

How Do I Remove Powered by blogger Attribution ?

How to Remove Powered by Blogger – Attribution Widget?

Remove 'Powered by Blogger' by unlocking Attribution widget

How to Remove Powered by Blogger 2020


Login your blog Dashboard, and click Template Tab & open the HTML editor of your blog.


Search this two lines of html code & replace showaddelement=’no‘> with showaddelement=’yes‘> shown in the first line and locked=’true‘ with locked=’false‘ shown in second line.


Save your template.


Then Go to the Layout option in your blog, click on Edit link the Attribution Widget so Now, you will saw the additional option to remove the widget in your blog.


So Finally, click on the Save arrangement button shown right now at the top-right corner and enjoying!

Now, you can easily add your own text linked copyright messages & other information by adding a new Own Text or HTML/JavaScript Gadget in your blog footer.

Note:- that this method only delete the blogger attribution from in web version of Blogger template and the mobile visitors will see the Powered by Blogger at the footer.

Hence, you have to change the Blogger mobile templates also so that the attribution link will be removed from the mobile template.

And Just go to Template Tab again & click on the customize mobile template button. and Now, select Custom from dropdown options, Choose the mobile template and saved. Custom adapts your template customizations to in your mobile.

I Hope it Solves Your Problem?
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